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Monday 22 June 2020
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Where Will We Be


self released via AWAL

Released: Out now
Where Will We Be - Berg

We say

Now we have a real treat for you this Monday morning with this gloriously dreamy single from Swedish-American singer-songwriter Berg. We first heard the track back in October 2019 when she sent us over an EP worth of tracks she had recorded with Faris Badwan of the Horrors shortly before we featured her second single Take Off Your Disguise. It immediately stood out to us, with its shimmering production, strong catchy chorus and euphoric vibe, as the highlight of the EP but also the track to propel her profile to the next level. Worthy of daytime radio airplay and feelgood streaming pop playlists, Where Will We Be is a song to inspire joy and hope, which in times like these is a welcome dose of escapism. Since her debut release What If, which made Apple’s editorial Top 100 songs of 2019, Berg has had two songs synced on MTV’s Teen Moms and received tastemaker support from the likes of Wonderland, 1883 Magazine, Atwood Magazine, and Amazing Radio among others. Tonight at 7pm you can catch her performing a livestream for Secret Sessions here, but in the meantime just soak in this absolute gem.   


Label: self-released via AWAL 
Press & Online: UK - Adam Nicol, MADA Music/Sweden & Europe - Liza Berthelsen, Border Music 
For all other enquiries: Contact Berg direct
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Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Gardening Guru - Rachelle Buchanan postpones RKB Book

MEMPHIS, TN (IFS) – Word has reached the offices of Internet Federation of Syndicate News Writers (IFS), that Arizona Gardening Guru, Rachelle Buchanan, (Planting Arizona – SDCTV) has decided that her biography RKB – FROM SEEDS TO RICHES will be postponed for several months.

Buchanan decided that she was not mentally ready to face the challenges of the rugged recall that impeded her when growing up as a child in Illinois and Arizona.  As the seventh child of Arthur and Roberta Sholz,  the young Rachelle enjoyed learning the skills that her grandmother gave her, and the love of gardening. 

Buchanan’s book is straight to the point and holds nothing back.  It’s the book that will one day be filmed and will be a contender for several awards.  As stated earlier, the preface of the book was enough to put it on hold, and it was not even Chapter One.  When Buchanan will start back on the writing of the book will be up to her health and her outlook into the future value of such a book.

Buchanan’s hit SDCTV/PLEX gardening show is a must-watch for gardeners and beginners everywhere.  Over eight (8) years ago, Buchanan started a “Mystery Mellons” campaign to help in the food deserts of the World.  Expanding to children in homes that are in the city, and seniors that were in nursing homes. 

“It is so healing to help grow plants and foodstuffs in small places,”  Buchanan added.  In the early days, Buchanan would just ship the seeds.  However, these days, her “Mystery Mellons” comes with everything you need to grow food, including seeds, soil, and growing containers all in one package.

The program has been so successful, Buchanan refuses to slow down, and continues to garden regularly on her video show with her experimental gardens and projects were all over Arizona, including Southern California and Southern Nevada.

Buchanan’s book publisher, SDC PaperDreams Imprint and Digital Publishing Division will reset their publishing deadline to help ease the continuity that she needs to project into this biography.

Buchanan was given the opportunity to start on the book over several months ago, and the right tone of the project could not be found.

With several in-house writers that started on the Preface portion.  Buchanan decided that the storyline was to close to home, and she said that it was like taking a shot of acid and zooming into the sky.  The emotions of her life are somewhat drastic and writing on the biography was more complicated and stressful than at first to be believed.

Kenneth Howard Smith, CEO/President of SDC OmniMedia Group, the parent company of PaperDreams Imprint, told IFS, that he was willing to give Buchanan all the space she needed to complete the book.  In the meantime, Buchanan's new album MUSIC FOR GROWING PLANTS will be available for purchase and or download by June 20, 2020.

Smith also, expressed his sincere apology to Ms. Buchanan for having to recall such abuse and torment from family members, that to this day has taken a great toll.  When Buchanan’s story is told and the book released, the fallout will be extraordinary.  

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Lusi Austin

Hi! Bula! Welcome! 

Staying in Tune -
May 2020

Far out - how is it MAY already?! I know, the world has changed pretty drastically since the last time I sent out some news from here and firstly, I must say that I hope you are well. There have been many people struggling during this time. Feeling for you and with you if that's you. It has been hard to miss seeing everyone at gigs and I know I'll be looking forward to when venues can once again safely open and operate.

I had someone tell me not long ago that on a not-so-good day for them, they turned on my CD and it brought them a smile. Gotta tell you that that warms my heart so much.

There's a lot involved in recording an album (even a humble little EP like this one). There's the writing of the songs, practicing and honing them to make sure lyrics and music fit together well. Then there's practicing them and making sure you have harmonies down in your head before you even think about recording it (well that's the way I did it anyway!) Of course there is the obvious financial costs of studio/production costs and then the all important post production/marketing/promo that unless you have enough dosh to hire a media person, you have to learn to do yourself. I've had long nights trying to really get my head around how to get this music out there to people. And I've got to say, I am so thankful for the way it has been received.

I've sold more copies of the CD's than I ever thought possible (if you missed out though just shoot me an email and I'll send one to you $23.50 for the CD and post anywhere in Aus). And now the EP is available for you to stream via your fave streaming sites. Just click HERE to have a little listen. 



This is going to sound like I'm 'big noting' BUT PLEASE KNOW THAT I'M NOT. I want to take a moment to share with YOU what has been achievable with the help and support of SO MANY behind my music. NONE of these things would have happened without people who believed in me, cheering me on and hoping for the best with me. I can't thank you enough!

Here are a few of the amazing things have happened in
 the past few months since releasing Back in Town as my first single.

* Back in Town was Number One over at My Country Australia (played in 73 places around the world!) for two weeks in a row and spent a total of 4 weeks in the chart
* It made the Country Thunder Ten over at Country Thunder Australia
* I had a lovely interview with Neil Gill and Back in Town had air play on Triple M Central West a few times
 * I chatted with Prime 7 News Central West about Back in Town
* Back in Town was named single of the week on the UK Sid Randell's Ghost Rider Country Radio Show
* Back in Town was also played on the lovely Jeannie B's Country Radio Show out of the UK
* I had an interview and air play with the lovely Beth Brown on 100.3FM
* I had an interview and air play with STA FM's Pamela Bush 91.9FM
* Back in Town was featured on High on Country and on Good Morning Country 
Dotted Eight Studio and the 100 Mile Groove Tunes Vol 3 featured Back in Town on their Spotify playlists
* My song So Far was featured on the new music page of Unearthed Triple J 
* The amazing launch team I had for the EP launch reached thousands of people promoting the EP and our launch event (which had to be cancelled due to Covid-19). I'm very grateful to them all for their time, shares and support. 
* My So Far video was premiered as part of the 100 Mile Groove + Clinton Hoy's Watch Party on Fb in April
* CDs were sold and posted to people in almost all states and territories of the country
* I played originals for SOMAD online alongside Kris Schubert and other talented folks
* Two originals were featured in the Lockdown show by JAM Orange 

None of this probably sounds like A LOT (and it's certainly pretty humble compared to what many musos achieve) but my goal was to record my songs, to be able to share them and to have them out in the world. 
YOU guys have helped me see that dream of getting my music *out there* REALLY happen!
I'm so grateful to you all. 



Some of you have asked if I'll be putting out lyrics for my songs. The good news is they are all there on my website for you. Just click over HERE  , choose a song to listen to and then click on the icon circled in the photo above. The lyrics will pop up for you. Just making it a little easier for you to sing along to #yourewelcome ;) I'd love to hear from you if you've been singing along already and have been enjoying the EP. You're welcome to email me at lusiaustinmusic@gmail.com to let me know x
Be safe, love well and chat again soon x
[www.lusiaustin.com]CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE
Copyright © 2020 Lusi Austin All rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Kevin Hockaday

Musik Radio Promotions
Kevin Hockaday

blend of EDM, Electronic Dance and Contemporary Urban R&B.

United States



Kevin Hockaday

Kevin Hockaday is a born native of Washington DC but now resides in Maryland. He has been involved in some form of entertainment for over a decade either playing in local bands as a bass player or rhythm guitar or djing. Kevin is a former audio engineer student and has a deep passion for many genre’s of music and this can be heard in his composition’s as he manages to create a perfect blend of EDM, Electronic Dance and Contemporary Urban R&B.

Kevin has recorded and released more than a dozen singles in his respected genre and has composed a half dozen composition’s for music on social media as background music for tutorials and has formed his own company( Hockaday Music Publishing Group LLC. ).

Currently Kevin Focus is on releasing more original new songs and seeking opportunities to grow his business.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Inside Trump's madministration: "Most political appointees are paranoid, unqualified, or both"

ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far: